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Val Pendleton

Born in Liverpool in 1956, Val’s passion for painting was evident from an early age.  She completed an Art Foundation course at Lanchester Polytechnic in 1976. It was here that she began to develop the bold, striking designs that won her a place at Hornsey College of Art in London to study for a B. A. (Hons ) in Textiles and Fashion Design.

After graduating she became a freelance textile designer, selling her designs in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, America, Japan and the U.K. Her distinctive, exuberant style was influenced by such diverse visual experiences as the circus, street lighting and the exotic spice markets of Istanbul.

She currently draws inspiration from her trips around the UK, Europe, Africa, the USA.& India.

Val lives in Turweston with her husband, the wildlife artist, Chris Pendleton.
See more of Val's work at Val Pendleton

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