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 Drawing & Watercolour Painting Courses

Next drawing course start date: Thursday 12th March 10 - 12


Tuition by Chris Pendleton B.A. (Hons)


Many people think they cannot draw very well when in fact they have never been taught the basic techniques. Using a few time-honoured methods, this course will give you the tools to develop your drawing and watercolour painting skills so that you can more faithfully depict three dimensional objects and landscapes.

Tutor Chris Pendleton has over four decades of experience in drawing and painting and his work is used to illustrate calendars, cards and books. His prints are sold in National Trust shops and he often draws and paints 'live' in National Trust shops and at art and craft fairs. Although he concentrates on drawing birds and animals the principles and techniques he uses to accurately capture his subjects are applicable to any genre of art. 

The course is divided into two halves. The first three sessions cover pencil drawing of still life objects. If you wish you can continue onto the second three sessions that will further your understanding of composition and introduce watercolour painting. Weather permitting the last watercolour session can be outdoors.


You will be given plenty of printed resource sheets and suggestions on drawing exercises to carry out at home. Students are limited to a maximum of just three per course to ensure personal attention. 

Pencil Drawing.


Part 1. An introduction to tools and materials. How to see. Making the first marks. How to quickly and accurately measure and lay out a drawing. Checking alignments. How to identify and draw negative and positive spaces.

Part 2. Drawing multiple objects and more complex compositions. Starting to use shading to develop underlying form. The four basic forms. 

Part 3. Identifying and drawing shadowed areas. Adding detail to drawings. The finishing touches. An introduction to composition.




Part 1. Watercolour. Materials and techniques. Simple colour theory and pigment choices. Laying washes.

Part 2. More watercolour techniques. Painting objects and prioritising detail.

Part 3. Putting everything together.

Materials needed: Drawing - 2B pencil, sharpener, soft eraser, A3 sized drawing pad. Watercolour - watercolour paper, watercolour paints & brushes or we can supply a basic kit for around £35.

£65 for 1 course (three 2 hour sessions), £120 for both courses (6 sessions).


Call Chris on 01280 702462 or 07895058431 or email to book your place

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